So, I am working on finalizing a draft of a long writing project. Although there is much work to be done, I feel proud of myself for all the work I’ve put in.

And I was thinking of starting to go to Bikram Yoga–healthy body, healthy mind, healthy heart.

In this spirit, I sat down to pick out the new word. I actually felt a sensation–a sort of warmness, a good wholeness sort of vibe–shooting up my chest as I flipped through my dictionary. This sensation grew as I moved my finger across the page. I opened my eyes and found… fustigate. Fustigate: to beat with a stick. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m trying to do good things for myself and in my warm and fuzzy mindset, the word the universe sends me to is one about being beaten with or beating someone with a stick. Okay. Well, I am not ready for this post, clearly. To be continued…

Back…It has been a few weeks since I picked that word.

fustigate (fus’te’gat’), v.t. [FUSTIGATED (-id), FUSTIGATING], [<L. fustigatus, pp. of fustigare, to beat with a stick < fustis, a stick], to beat witha  stick; cudgel.

objects used: bastinado, bat, belt, billy, billyclub, birch, blackjack, bludgeon, cane, club, cosh, ferule, mace, nightstick, paddle, rod, sap, shill, shillelagh, spontoon, stick, switch, truncheon

action taken: bang, bash, bat, batter, belt, box, break, bruise, buffet, cane, castigate, chastise, clobber, clout, club, collide, crush, cudgel, cuff, drub, flaggelate, flail, flax, flog, hammer, hide, hit, knock, lambaste, larrup,  lash, lather, leather, lick, maltreat, mash, maul, paddle, pelt, pound, pummel, punch, punish, put over one’s knee, ram, rap, slap, slug, smack, sock, spank, stike, sawt, tan, tan one’s hide, thrash, thresh, thump, thwack, trounce, wallop, whale, whelp, whip

objects receiving action: arm, brow, cheekbone, eye, ear, elbow, thighs, knee, foot, nose, organs, crown, forehead, temple, ankle, finger, wrist, shin, back of the knee, back of the head, back of the back, jaw, head, nails, neck, clavicle, breast, chest, abdomen, hipbone, pelvis, toe.

result: broken, fractured, bruised, bent, torn, lacerated, bleeding, scarring, ripped open, searing, gone to pieces, fragmented, injured, dismembered, mangled, mutilated, pulvirized, riven, ruptured, separated, severed, shattered, shredded, slivered, split.

reasons given: so he can learn a lesson lesson, to knock some sense into her, so she’ll know better next time, tough love, to know life isn’t easy, to not mess up, screw up, fuck up again, he had it coming, she had it coming, she/he/they should have known better, he’s a fuck up, she’s worthless, if he wasn’t around, my life would be easier, she makes me do it cause she makes me so angry, he deserves to be taken down a notch, she knew I was like this when she got together with me, because I can.


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