the rules

rule(s)  (ˈrül) n.  [Middle English reule, from Anglo-French, from Latin regula straightedge, rule, from regere to keep straight, direct — more at right] a : a prescribed guide for conduct or action b : the laws or regulations prescribed by the founder of a religious order for observance by its members c : an accepted procedure, custom, or habit d (1) : a usually written order or direction made by a court regulating court practice or the action of parties (2) : a legal precept or doctrine e : a regulation or bylaw governing procedure or controlling conduct  2 a (1) : a usually valid generalization (2) : a generally prevailing quality, state, or mode <fair weather was the rule yesterday — New York Times> b : a standard of judgment : criterion c : a regulating principle d : a determinate method for performing a mathematical operation and obtaining a certain result  3 a : the exercise of authority or control : dominion b : a period during which a specified ruler or government exercises control  4  a : a strip of material marked off in units used especially for measuring : ruler 3, tape measure b : a metal strip with a type-high face that prints a linear design; also : a linear design produced by or as if by such a strip — as a rule : for the most part : generally

1) Each week, the resident logophile will close her eyes and run her finger across her dictionary as she flips the pages, selecting one at random. Without opening her eyes, she will move her finger around the two pages and then stop.

2) The word she stops on is the word of the week. No exceptions. The word could be weirdly technical, seemingly very boring, possibly embarrassing. It doesn’t matter. The chosen word is the word of the week.

3) If for some reason she lands between words, she reserves the right to choose or to use both.

4) The word of the week will be her assignment. She must find some way to use the definition, etymology and/or history of the word and also incorporate the measures she takes in her life to write about that word.

5) There will be a new word each week.

6) She will use bonus words when she feels like it.

7) She will, from time to time, open up the platform to guest contributors who will be given the randomly assigned word and use their unique writerly insights to create a story/essay/poem.

8 ) Learning new words + having new experiences = a good time had by all.

Note from resident logophile: I have stayed true to this original mission, but also added on as the dictionary project has come to expand and evolve.  Thanks for joining us for the ride. Please feel free to subscribe on the main page or to stay in touch via our “contact us” page.

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