syn·thet·ic·al·ly (sin-thet i’k’l’i, sin’thet ik-li), adv. In a synthetic manner; through synthesis


syn·thet·ic (sin-thet ik), adj. [Fr. Synthetique; Gr. Syntetikos], 1. of, involving, or using synthesis: opposed to analytic. 2. produced by synthesis; specifically, produced by chemical synthesis, rather than of natural origin, hence 3. artificial; not real or genuine: as, synthetic enthusiasm. 4. characterized by the use of inflectional adjuncts, or affixes, to express syntactical relationships: opposed to analytical. n. something synthetic; specifically, a substance produced by chemical synthesis. –SYN, see artificial.


I picked this word about a month ago.

I have been in the throes of a major project which has demanded my attention and moved to the top of my priorities.

I also just felt stumped. What a cool word, but for some reason, I couldn’t figure out what to write.

I do want to move on and in order to move on, I have to have a post about this word. That’s the rule.

So here is my post about this word.

When I put the words above into (which, by the way, you have to check out if you haven’t already), I got the an image. Here you go, my random thoughts synthetically created into this image:

In addition, here are images that came up on the first page when I did a google search for synthetically, synthetically arranged:

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