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live from the dictionary project presents! part two!

solar eclipse at Gate’s Pass, Tucson, Lisa O’Neill


Today, we have more readers from the dictionary project presents! event at Casa Libre on April 28, 2012.

Annie Guthrie and Samuel Ace read poems they composed for National Poetry Month (napomo) at The Dictionary Project. Elizabeth Frankie Rollins and Rebecca Iosca read flash fiction pieces composed for flash fiction february.  I read on “conduct.” Julia Gordon reads on “New Yorker” and it is a complete and utter tragedy that the video cut out two minutes before she finished because she brought. the. house. down.



Samuel Ace on “drowsily”:


Elizabeth Frankie Rollins on “schizophrenia”:


Rebecca Iosca on on “schizophrenia”:


Annie Guthrie on “penology”


Lisa O’Neill on “conduct”:


Julia Gordon on “New Yorker”:

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live from the dictionary project presents

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As some of you may know, the dictionary project hosted it’s first live event: the dictionary project presents! at Casa Libre on April 28, 2012.

This week, we’ll be sharing readings from the event. It’s almost like you were there! Or if you were there with us, relive it with us.

(Thanks very much to Casa Libre’s Assistant Director Tc Tolbert for providing the video!)

The first videos are the introduction to the evening as well as the readings that were produced using the word bibliomanced for the event: guava!



gua·va  (ˈgwävə),  n.  [Sp. guayaba  <  native (prob. Arawakan) name in Brazil],  1.  a tropical American tree or shrub bearing a yellowish, pear-shaped, edible fruit.  2.  the fruit, used for jelly, preserves, etc.





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