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so·lo (ˈsōlō),  n.  [ pl.  SOLOS  (-lōz); rarely SOLI (-lē)], [It.  <  L. solus, alone],  1.  a musical piece or passage to be played or sung by one person, with or without accompaniment.  2.  an airplane flight made by a pilot alone, without any passengers or instructor.  3.  any performance by one person alone.  4.  any card game in which there are no partners.  adj.  1.  arranged for or performed by a single voice or instrument.  2.  performing a solo.  3.  made or done by one person v.i. in aviation, to make a solo flight, especially one’s first.


It’s the last day of April and the last day of National Poetry Month! So today, we have our last word and last post for our first annual na·po·mo. The word is so·lo and the poet is TC Tolbert. Thanks so much for joining us.






















TC Tolbert is a genderqueer, feminist poet and teacher committed to social justice.  Co-editor of the forthcoming Anthology of Trans and Genderqueer Poetry (Nightboat Books), TC is the author of two chapbooks, territories of folding (Kore Press) and spirare (Belladonna).  His first book, Gephyromania, is forthcoming from Ahsahta Press.  He is the Assistant Director of Casa Libre en la Solana, Adjunct faculty at University of Arizona and Pima Community College, and founder of Made for Flight.  www.tctolbert.com

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