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Hollywood Sign, 1978

Hollywood Sign, 1978


Day 3 of the 30 days, 30 words challenge:


de·fame  (diˈfām), v.t.  –famed  —faming.  1.  to attack the good name or reputation of, as by uttering or publishing maliciously or falsely anything injurious; slander or libel; calumniate: the newspaper editorial defamed the politician.  2.  Archaic. to disgrace; bring dishonor upon  3.  Archaic. to accuse.  [ME defame(n)  <  L  defam(are), equiv. to De– DE- + famare, deriv. of fama a report, rumor, reputation (see FAME); r. ME diffame(n)  <  OF diffame(r)  <  L  diffamare, equiv. to dif- DIF-  + famare]  —de·fam·er, n. —de·fam·ing·ly, adv.


I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out
so many times
how many times have we seen this?

     Hayden Panettiere!
     Incredible Ass!
     In Incredible Bikini!

You know now.
You know what’s happened.

     Fergie and Josh Duhamel hire Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.
     Dancing with the Stars is furious.
     Tom Brokaw is a bully.

Anyone that performs
That’s what you’re looking for.

     Jennifer Lopez.
     No longer the best **s on the block.

You’re wanting to make history.
     Ex-Disney Superstar
     Death Certificate Released
     Gunshot Wound To Head

We said, “You know we’re about to make history right now?”

     Should she do her daughter a solid and tone it down?
     But at what an enormous price?
     The floor is yours!

What’s amazing is, I think, now we’re three days later they’re still
talking about it.


     Lamar is giving Khloe the silent treatment.
     Amanda Bynes is ensconced.
     Kanye West banks millions.
     Disney is none too pleased.

They’re over thinking it.

     Justin Bieber’s Perfectly Chiseled Torso Was Threatened

You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it.

     Snooki in a High-Waisted Bikini, Looks Better Than Taylor Swift?

Like, I didn’t even think about it, ’cause that’s just me.


All plain text taken from TMZ.com
All italics taken from Miley Cyrus’ official statement about her recent VMA performance. (http://jezebel.com/miley-cyrus-speaks-turns-out-youre-all-over-thinkin-1246861692)

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30 days, 30 words

This is a photo series I took a few years back for my 30th birthday, but I think the range of emotions is fitting for this challenge too

This is a photo series I took a few years back for my 30th birthday, but I think the range of emotions is fitting for this challenge too


The 30 days, 30 words Challenge


Greetings Dictionary Project Followers! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the first day of September. Here in Tucson, it’s 93 degrees at 9:13 at night so the weather doesn’t feel much like fall. The season delivers in other ways though: the sharpened pencils, the full bookbags, the undergrads taking over town like army ants.


I’ve always loved September and the beginning of the new school year which brings with it new and exciting challenges. Inspired by the new academic year and month-long challenges artist friends have taken on, this month will be the first ever 30 day, 30 word challenge at the dictionary project.


For the month of September, a new word and new post will be added to the site every day.


I will write a post each day, and I invite you all to bibliomance (close your eyes, flip through dictionary, select a word) your own words (for all 30 days or for some of them) and post your words, definitions, and writing in the comments.


pre reqs:

1: a love of language

2: a curiosity about words

3: the desire to write

4: the desire to bibliomance


necessary tools:

1: a printed dictionary

2: a pen and paper or access to computer

3: an inquisitive mind


The idea for this challenge is not to strive for perfection in every post but rather to see where my mind takes me and to produce a piece every day, whether it be a few lines or a few pages long. I hope some of you will join me!



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