nonfiction november

There Is Nothing Wrong In This Whole World, Installation by Chris Cobb, Photo by Andrea Scher


Hi Dictionary Project People,

I am very pleased to announce that we are adding a new event to our repertoire: nonfiction november.  I tend to write nonfiction essays for the regular weekly words. During November, I wanted to open the doors to other nonfictioneers. All month, we will be featuring short essays inspired by bibliomanced dictionary project words.

While we are on the subject, might I just say that I’ve always been a little unsatisfied by the word “nonfiction” as a descriptor for the genre. A definition in negation. A genre defined by what it is not. I haven’t as of yet found a word or phrase that works to be encompassing of the whole genre, but I’d love to see one. I think what most attracts me to nonfiction as a genre, to write in and to read, is the discovery of all that is true and truly bizarre in our world. I like making connections between seemingly unconnected things. I like listening to people’s stories and thinking about the ways they intersect with art and music and culture, with things I’ve read and things I believe. I like the attempt to get to the heart of the matter. Truth and reflection and beauty are of course present in all genres of writing. Nonfiction, I think offers one thread of connection between the writer and reader: here’s what I see, let’s make sense of it together.  I look forward to sharing with you the nonfiction pieces of writers this month. Stay tuned.


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3 responses to “nonfiction november

  1. bookluver

    I agree, the word nonfiction is not my favorite either, but there are some really great nonfiction books out there. I love peeking into the lives of other people and learning true things. For instance, after reading “The Art Dockuments” by Carlton Davis introduced me to the world of art, and what life as an artist would be like, through short entertaining and enlightening stories. I really do love a good nonfiction.

  2. Jim

    I will (stayed tuned that is). I love true stories.

  3. rmindell

    Howdy! I’m a Tucson girl, living in Montana now doing the MFA. Are you accepting submissions for the nonfiction month? I’d love to participate. If not, no worries t’all. Love your blog btw.

    Best, Rachel Mindell


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