write this word contest results!

Lisa O’Neill, Tucson Pie Party 2011


We were surprised and impressed with the number of entries received for our first write this word contest at the dictionary project. With many excellent entries, it was difficult to narrow down to choose our prize winners. We extend our gratitude to all those who participated in writing the word ripple and in submitting their work to us.

Judges for this contest were: Lisa O’Neill, creator and editor of the dictionary project, Elizabeth Frankie Rollins, Aisha Sabatini Sloan, and Arianne Zwartjes. While Lisa O’Neill received the submissions and thus knew which entry belonged to which author, the other judges read blindly.

The pictures accompanying this post are from Tucson’s Annual Pie Party, where dozens of Tucsonans labor over a hot stove in the May heat to bake pies. Pies are then judged and given awards by category. I’ve been thinking about awards and ribbons lately as we were judging the contest and preparing to announce the awardees and as I have been watching the Summer Olympics many evenings. Do you know where the tradition of giving blue ribbons for first place comes from? It comes from The Blue Riband, the honor awarded the passenger ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean against the Gulf Stream with the record highest speed. Before that, the Blue Riband was given out in horse racing. But the tradition of blue ribbons being associated with excellence and nobility goes back even farther to the Cordon Bleu: the name given to the blue ribbons worn by an order of knights. Second place ribbons are red and third place are yellow. All primary colors. I was unable to find information on why red and yellow are given for second and third place.

And now, without further ado, we are so pleased to share with you our winners.


Lisa O’Neill, Tucson Pie Party 2011


In third place with her entry “Ripple” is Lisa M. Cole.  Lisa will receive a yearlong subscription to Poets & Writers Magazine.


Lisa O’Neill, Tucson Pie Party 2011


In second place with her entry “The Women I’m From” is Judy Lee Green.  Judy will receive a $30 award and a pocket dictionary.


Lisa O’Neill, Tucson Pie Party 2011


And our winner of the write this word contest, who will receive $50 and publication on the dictionary project website, is Kristina Roth. Roth’s essay “Carried Forward” will be published on August 15.


Honorable mentions go to:

“The Question of New” by Mary Buchinger

“These Ithakas” by Lesley Dame

“Reckoning with Wreckage” by Peg Duthie

“Lakehouse” by Brendan Lynaugh

“Never Live Next Door to a Writer” by Donna Steiner


Again, thanks to all those who entered. Stay tuned for the winning entry, to be posted on August 15.


Lisa O’Neill, Tucson Pie Party 2011


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2 responses to “write this word contest results!

  1. paul

    any chance you can post the second and third place entries. it would be nice to see them.

  2. jimoneill1@cox.net

    Congratulations on such a successful word contest: I loved the ribbons and pies (YUM!)

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