Robyn, from "Handle Me"



pe·nol·o·gy  /pēˈnäləjē/  n. the study of the punishment of crime and of prison management.  mid 19th cent.: from Latin poena ‘penalty’ + -LOGY. –pe·nol·o·gi·cal  /pē-nə-ˈlä-ji-kəl/ adj. pe·nol·o·gist /jist/  n.


Writer Annie Guthrie joins us for our first annual na·po·mo. Enjoy her poem and photos:




make a box
a social judicial legislative executive box
a thought box
what kind of time does it keep
bodybox time  you feel
yes what did the mothers do
I always study yourself
you are the box. make you the box box fist
im going to punch me first
im going to wall my own wall with a wallbox!
make it box make it do
what kind of keeping does it do
heritage box lineage box legacy box
are you the archon who traces
my fistbox punches ?
yes attention is valuable
is studying humane
that’s why you can’t find it?
it is hoped
navigational way points fix whatbox
your ownself atbox
fear it keeper it do keep
trespassing the natural
I have I have not I had I had not I do have I do not have
I do I did I was I were I were not I am I am not
I where I am I where I am not I am not where
whatbox stay right there where you arebox
I can still put my hands in my pocket
it’s no longer in your hands
wouldn’t you wear gloves for that



Annie Guthrie is a writer and jeweler living in Tucson. She works and teaches at the UA Poetry Center. She has work published in Tarpaulin Sky, Ploughshares, Fairy Tale Review, HNGMAN, The Destroyer, RealPoetik, Everyday Genius, Omniverse, The Volta, Spial Orb and more.

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